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Designers and makers everywhere can sell their creative templates on Coded Market and earn more.

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No matter what your skill level, Coded is open to makers everywhere. Earn passive income or launch a new career with Coded.

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Coded is free to join. There are no hidden fees and no exclusivity requirements. Coded pays more than any creative marketplace.

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by Margie O'Donell

You pocket 90% on everything you sell.

You do most of the work. You deserve most of the pay. Our makers earn *90% on everything they sell.

*That’s 45% more than Envato and 20% more than Apple.

No exclusivity.

No commitment.

No monthly fees.

No exclusivity means you can sell your work with us (or anyone).

No monthly fees means it doesn’t cost you a dime to start.

No commitment means you can cancel anytime.

You submit your digital goods.

Sign up is simple. It starts here and takes 60 seconds. You then submit whatever digital goods you’d like to sell.

We run a quick review.

We review your goods and offer a few suggestions in hopes to increase your success in the marketplace.

You start earning, pronto.

Your digital goods are then listed on the Coded marketplace and you begin earning 90% on every single sale, immediately.

Ben Hardison
Executive Director, Coded

Where makers get paid handsomely doing what they love…

Hi. I’m Ben.

I created Coded along with a small team of passionate full-stack developers, coders, graphic designers and solo-creators who believe in a world where makers deserve to get paid (and paid handsomely) for doing what they love.

Coded is built on an ethos of fairness.

Call me old-fashioned but I believe the folks doing the brunt of the work deserve to take home a bigger slice of the pie.

You’ve done most of the work in breathing life into your idea, so you deserve to take home most of the pay.

This is why unlike Envato, Creative Market and other marketplaces that pay their hardworking sellers only 70%, 50% and 45%, we make sure our sellers walk home with 90% commissions on every sale, making Coded the highest paying creative marketplace in existence.

But, enough of me rambling. I just have question for you…

Will you join us?

No exclusivity

No commitment

Free to join

The Best Marketplace for Makers

Coded offers the highest commission of any creative marketplace. Designers, developers, photographers, and makers everywhere can earn more with us.

“Coded helps me to sell stock photos to people from all over the world. The team at Coded is proactively helpful, which has helped me be even more successful.”

Susan Brewer

“We used to sell all of our templates on Themeforest. With Coded, we get to keep almost double what we were getting from Envato's marketplaces.”

Cecil Sawyer

90% commission, for the rest of your life, begins with an email.

We're a global community from 40 different countries.

We picked our office locations to maximize our availability to you! We try to keep locations in every major city, as well as common vacation destinations in case you need to sneak work in on the side.








Sell your Digital Templates on Coded

Earn 90% commission on all your sales, no matter what you make.

Web Templates

WordPress Themes

Squarespace Templates

HTML Templates

Shopify Themes


UX/UI Mockups


Business Cards



Landing Pages

Email Marketing Templates

Ad Designs

Product Packaging

Stock Photography

Nature, Plants, and Animals

Business & Industry

People & Social Issues

Sports & Recreation

You have questions, we have answers.

Below you’ll find a few questions we get asked most frequently. If we’ve missed something, feel free to send us an email here.


What products can I sell on Coded?

Templates of every kind: website, email, video, you name it. You can also sell stock photography, brand identities and 3D models. But, don’t let this limit you… we accept literally any digital creative work.


Where will my templates be sold?

Everything is sold on Coded Market.


When can I start selling?

Usually 48-72 hours. As soon as we review your submissions you can start earning your 90% commission immediately.


How will I get paid for my sales?

We pay everyone via Payoneer on the 15th of every month for their sales from the previous month. Our minimum payout amount is 50 USD.

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