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Earn 90% commission on all your sales.
Coded offers the highest commission rates of any creative marketplace. Earn more for your work with Coded.

Coded is a creative marketplace where graphic designers, full-stack developers, and makers everywhere can sell their templates and offer support to their customers. Current marketplaces offer developer commission rates ranging from 45-70% depending on the sales volume and exclusivity commitment of the developer. Coded will offer 90% commission to developers for all of their sales from day one, regardless of their sales volume or exclusivity commitment.

No commitment

If you've never sold your work online before, give it a try! You can cancel at any time.

No exclusivity

You can still sell your work on other marketplaces. We don't require exclusivity from any of our authors.

No monthly fees

You don't have to pay to be a developer. We take a small commission after you've already made sales, so there are never any upfront costs.

Here's how it works

3 Steps to Selling Your Work Online.

Submit your Work

We invite designers, developers, and makers everywhere to submit their best work to Coded.

We'll Review

Team Coded will review templates and offer feedback for submissions.

Start Earning

When people buy your work on Coded Market, you'll earn 90% commission from every sale.

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When developers earn more, they can have more freedom to experiment and push their designs further. We believe that by investing in the people who make up the Coded community, we will be rewarded with the highest quality templates.

Ben Hardison

President, The Hummingbird Group

When can I start selling?

After Team Coded reviews your submissions, your products will go live immediately. This means that you can start earning 90% commission on all your sales in just a few days.

How will I get paid for my sales?

We pay developers through PayPal on the 15th day of every month for their sales from the previous month. We offer clear documentation of how we pay our developers in the developer portal.

What products can I sell on Coded?

Coded is a marketplace for graphic templates, website templates, WordPress themes, Squarespace and Shopify templates, magazine templates, 3D models, business card templates, brand identities, video templates, stock photography, ad templates, MailChimp templates, landing page templates, and any creative work.

Where will my templates be sold?

Through Coded Developers, makers can sell their templates on Coded Market, the best marketplace for developers.

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